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“In Shambhala, goodness is not only communication between humans; it is also communication with the elements and all living beings. This is known as drala, the natural communication that is always happening in our environment. The tides changing, the birds singing, and people kissing are living signs of the innate wish to communicate that percolates in all relationship. It is this warmth that binds us. The dance between the elements and our perceptions is a dance between the masculine and feminine principles: Our senses are always engaging with our environment. This, too, is enlightened society — the pure, clean communication of the living world.”

3 Courts
This graphic is similar to the graphic under
3kayas, but uses terms from the Shambhala-tradition instead of terms from the Buddhist tradition. All processes follow the same pattern, where form and space appear “BIG BANG-like”* fresh from the not-manifested potential. The white dots of space and the black dots of the form share the same place. In this graphic the white dots are depicted a bit left from the black ones to show, that space flashes first and form follows. All processes, starting from the appearance of a photon to the experience of light, appear from the same source, from the not-manifested potential, and are therefore always inherently connected. In the Shambhala-tradition this basic ground is called non-fabricated Basic Goodness.

All processes have three main aspects, which are called the
3 Courts in the Shambhala-tradition.
- Ultimate Court: during this phase nothing is manifest, it is not-manifested potential, non-fabricated Basic Goodness, symbolocally depicted here as the area below the 4 blue arrows
- Inner Court: during this phase energies appear flash-like, called Tiger, Lion, Garuda and Dragon, depicted here as coloured arrows:
Tiger - orange
Lion – white
Garuda – red
Dragon - blue
- Outer Court: during this phase various forms appear flashlike, symbolically depicted here as black dots.
- Space is dpicted here sybolically as white dots surrounded by light-blue area.

All processes are cyclical and happen naturally and continuously, from the Ultimate Court to the Outer Court and back, with lively energies of the Inner Court connecting the Ultimate and Outer Court. Those cyclical patterns bring about the world of matter and our experienced world as well. When perception and awareness are properly synchronized, our world can be experienced as clear, lively, open and unique, which is the experience of nowness.

* http://lumido.eu/html/big_bang.html
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