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Phases of light-processes                                        back to light
- with colours and terms of the Shambhala-tradition
In this graphic the animation for the light-processes has happened only once, for example by a quantum leap of one single atom. If you click onto the graphic consecutively, you can see single phases (LS1-LS13) of the light-processes. Luminosity (knowing), wave, space and photon arise spontaneously from the wisdom of the Ultimate Court and dissolve after that back into it immediately. Every light-process has six phases, which form a cycle or mandala. There are two phases of in-between, where neither space nor photon are manifest. During phase 3  space has completely dissolved, is self-liberated into the vast expanse, symbolized here by the white background, while form (photon) has not arisen yet. During phase 6  form has completely dissolved, is self-liberated into the vast expanse, while space has not arisen yet. From those phases of in-between wave and photon, or wave and space arise BIG BANG-like.

Photons in this sequence just arise and dissolve flash-like, and therefore none of them has a chance to move forward. But if photons don´t travel forward, how could we then measure a velocity of light? In this quantum model the motion of light would result from the fact, that each new photon appears in a set distance from the place, where the preceding photon has disappeared. When all these new photons appear sequentially with a set distance to each other, it looks as if a light beam is moving. What we measure as the velocity of light is not the velocity of one photon moving, but the velocity, which results from the frequency of flash-like appearing new photons, and their set distance to each other.

To summarise it you can say, that light is a sequence of cyclical, creative processes, which bring about luminosity, waves, space and photons continuously from a source, from the not-manifested potential of the universe. These light-processes are flashing with the frequency of light, which is about hundreds of Trillion flashes per second. But we don´t perceive single flashes, but a seemingly  uninterrupted activity, like in a movie, where the rapid sequence of single pictures brings about the experience of continual movements.

If you click
here you can see an animated version of light-processes. White dots in space and black dots of form (photons) dance with each other, accompanied by energies of the four dignities TLGD, depicted as coloured arrows:
Tiger-orange, Lion-white, Garuda-red and Dragon-blue.