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Communication brings about experience
The graphic shows, that experience happens when the processes
of perception and the processes of awareness are synchronized.
Both processes follow the same pattern of “BIG BANG-like”* arising, that is to say, that space and form appear fresh from the not-manifested potential continuously. Spacious openness and flashes of light are experienced together within the process of awareness as being unique, open, lively and clear.

The graphic shows the patterns of the world of matter (photon and body) as well as the patterns of the world of experience (perception, awareness and experience). All processes arise from the same source, from the not-manifested potential, and are therefore always inherently connected. This is the basis for all communication in our entire universe, happening continuously, unconditionally and naturally. This basic ground of communication is symbolized here as grey area at the botom of the graphic. The black dots of space and the grey dots of form share the same place. In this graphic the black dots are depicted a bit left to show, that space is primary and form follows.

“In Shambhala, goodness is not only communication between humans; it is also communication with the elements and all living beings. This is known as drala, the natural communication that is always happening in our environment. The tides changing, the birds singing, and people kissing are living signs of the innate wish to communicate that percolates in all relationships. It is this warmth that binds us. The dance between the elements and our perceptions is a dance between the masculine and feminine principles: Our senses are always engaging with our environment. This, too, is enlightened society — the pure, clean communication of the living world.”

* http://lumido.eu/html/big_bang.html
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