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Essays as pdf by Gerd Koehler

1) What is light?  (2 pages)
Light is both particle and wave, but it is neither particle nor wave too. Light is an ongoing and cyclical process, in which wave and particle (photon) arise “BIG BANG-like” from the not-manifested potential of the universe and dissolve back immediately hundreds of trillion times per second.

2) BIG BANGs are happening now   (1 page)
“The big bang of our consciousness is happening at this very instant” (Quote from the book THE SHAMBHALA PRINCIPLE  by Sakyong Mipham).
Our experience is an ongoing process, in which everything we perceive, think or feel arises moment by moment "Big Bang-like" fresh from the
“not-manifested potential” of the universe.

Reality in New and Old Physics ( 2 pages)
New Physics (quantum physics) were introduced by Planck and Heisenberg in the beginning of last century. This
revolutionized the view not only in classical physics (New Physics) but creates an oportunity for bridging science and religion.

4) .now.now.now.   (1 page)
Looking at so-called “tilt pictures” we can experience the vividness and creativity of our perceiving processes. The moment the images are shifting we can get a glimpse of the magic, which happens to all of us continuously in our ordinary life as a sequence of .now.now.now.

3 Kayas and communication  (1 page)

3 Courts and communication  (1 page)